Strength Biased Approach

Personal Training

When you have personal training with me, it’s unique to you and only you. There is no template that I adjust for each client. We check in online at the end of every week to see how things went and to plan the next week. 


Maybe you can only workout at home, or your gym has specific equipment. Or you workout at home a few days and at the gym a few days. 


Maybe you travel for work and you want someone to find out what kind of equipment your hotel has and create a workout for you. 


Personal training can be customized to exactly what equipment you have, the amount of time you have, your strengths, weaknesses, and injuries. 


Personal Training + Accountability 

  • Weekly online check in for progress, (combination form and email) followed by

  • Weekly workout plans tailored to your goals, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and environment.  

  • 4-5 workouts per week as desired, including warm up, cool down, and mobility options.

  • 3+ weekly check in texts or messages on Facebook messenger (you choose). 

  • 24 hour response to questions (often less than 24!)

  • You can also send videos for form checks as often as necessary. 


If you read this and thought, “Damn! This is exactly what I want!” then let’s set up a call ASAP. Working out shouldn’t make you feel confused, frustrated, or alone. You can do it and I can help.

Personal training is currently $70 per month, per person. If you start at this price, you will always receive this price. 


Accountability Coaching

You are a female or female identifying person who…

  • already likes their workout. 

  • maybe doesn’t like their workout and needs to be pushed to try something else.

  • is proud of - or you really want to be proud of- what your body can do!

  • wants to talk to someone about their successes. 

  • wants some accountability with an actual person, not just your followers on social media.

  • has some big goals, but is nervous about sharing them with other people. 

  • or maybe doesn’t have big goals and needs some help identifying them.

  • feels self-conscious about some of the things that make you anxious when it comes to sports and fitness. 

  • wants a specific focus on you. 


Accountability coaching includes ​

  • 5 weekly check in texts or messages on Facebook messenger. 

  • 24 hour response to questions (often much less than 24!)

  • 1 phone call (if desired) each month

  • You can also send videos for form checks as often as necessary. 


If you read this and thought that this is exactly the kind of coach you’ve been looking for, then let’s talk!

Accountability coaching is $60 per month. This does not include any workout programming. 

If you read both of the above and want accountability + workout plans, we can make a personalized program based on exactly what you want! Get in touch and we will make a program for you!

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